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Benefits of the MDA Multi Distalizing Arch - Dr. Gacougnole

For a long time, I am using at the same time :

• A buccal distalizing system to distalize teeth in the buccal segments without any extra-oral traction. The mechanical properties of NiTi archwires allow the delivery of a light and continuous force regardless of the shape of the archwire or of its deflection; it is then possible to use rectangular archwire at the very beginning of an orthodontic treatment.

• Shape memory thermal NiTi archwires for arch leveling.

The MDA arch is the only arch to feature a rectangular cross-section in the incisors' region, in a second step it will allow a molar distalization while keeping the orientation given to the incisors during the leveling phase.



After expansion with a transpalatal arch and leveling of the incisors with a rectangular NiTi archwire, the molar distalisation is performed with a MDA with two NiTi springs and intermaxillary Class II elastics.


The space it creates allows the descent of the permanent cuspids without any bicuspids extraction while keeping the orientation of the incisors. The finishing phase will be much easier.