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Scientific Articles

Dr. Daniel ROLLET


Dr. Danielle Deroze. (Self) construction permit: let's give our young patients every opportunity


This lecture was presented on October 12, 2008, in Colmar, France by E. BERESSI


We can describe a streamlined bracket, globally aesthetic, with good comfort for the patient.


This technique has many benefits, including the elimination of bone grafting, osteosynthesis or intermaxillary blocking; and allowing a simultaneous expansion of surrounding tissues.

  • Gouttière à Rampe (GDR)

The GDR 4 - Dr Guy DELTERME 

The GDR an innovative and efficient standard appliance poised for great future - Dr Jean-Pierre JOUETTE 

  • The Palatal Expander 

The Nitanium Molar Rotator - Dr C. ABDELAZIZ

The Palatal Expander - Dr Jacques NUSSBAUMER


Transforce appliances are designed to eliminate functional problems and to be inserted in horizontal lingual sheaths on molar bands.

  • The Twin Bite 

The Twin Bite Corrector - Dr CORBETT 

The Twin Bite - Dr Jacques NUSSBAUMER

  • The Twin Block
Le The Twin - Case Reports - Dr W.J. Clark

The Twin-Block Technique - Dr W.J. Clark

The MDA is the only arch to feature a rectangular cross-section in the incisors' region; in a second step it will allow a molar distalization.


A transdisciplinary approach for limiting treatment failures in orthodontics


When such dysmorphoses are present, it is essential to detect potential dysfunctions and - possibly - to perform a special clinical assessment of the manducatory tract, and - if necessary - additional examinations.