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Napoli, one more success for the Functional Education concept.



Again a large success for the functional education during these two days in Roma.



On last february 13th-14th and thanks to New Dentalsim and his team Bari welcomed one more time with great success the Functional Education concept.



This is the first official time everybody can see the Mascot « EF KID” during a dental show in Manila this week !!



In collaboration with our local representative, HAMMASVALINE, and it's Orthodontic Manager, Mrs. Eija Haltsonen, Orthoplus has launched its presence in Finland during the annual congress of the the Nordic Orthodontic Society (NOS) who welcomed over 200 participants from 18 different countries. 



One year after a first lecture in Philippines, which gathered 400 doctors in Manilla and Cebu, a new step has been taken in presenting the functional education concept in Philippines.



We have to thank the whole team of our Roman distributor for the hard work they have provided to make this lecture successful. 



As previously announced, Orthoplus has been participating to the Idem congress Singapore the 20th-21st-22nd April 2012, under French Pavilon...



3rd annual Orthoplus dealer meeting -
13rd/14th/15th Jan 2012-Pontarlier-France


Santiago de Chile - 18th-19th November 2011. Thanks to the high level investment of our distributor in Chile, present all over the country and led by its owner, Mrs. Martine Dib, the Functional Education concept as developed by Dr. Daniel ROLET, has been launched in Chile...


Mr. Giovani Bonasia, our exclusive distributor in Italy for the functional appliances EF Line, manufactured by Orthoplus, ...

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