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Functional education on week end in Rome 
We have to thank the whole team of our Roman distributor for the hard work they have provided to make this lecture successful. 
With 60 participants, most of them having followed previous lectures, functional education concept becomes a must, but as well shows the approach is permanently in evolution as well as the appliances. 
Functional education as teaches Dr Daniel ROLLET is now fully part of the orthodontist's therapeutic arsenal in taking care of patients through a global approach at all ages.  
In a globalized world and people moving more and more into cities, the esthetic demand is increasing along with the people's desire to have access to Orthodontic treatment. 
Functional education is fully adapted to those demands as concept and products attached are offering more economic possibilities compared with a fixed mechanical treatment (even though fixed appliance treatment is its normal extension), but acting early on correcting dysfunctions and increasing patients wellness and long term stability in results. (even though they would not go for fixed appliances treatment. 
Functional education has consequently a social role and offers an easy access to global orthodontics for a larger group of potential patients.


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