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In collaboration with our local representative, HAMMASVALINE, and it's Orthodontic Manager, Mrs. Eija Haltsonen, Orthoplus has launched its presence in Finland during the annual congress of the the Nordic Orthodontic Society (NOS) who welcomed over 200 participants from 18 different countries.
The President of the meeting, Dr. Pirtti Pirttiniemi, and it's organizing committee choose the nice city of Oulu, located in the North West of Finland, on the Botnia Gulf, next to the Baltic see. Fourth city of Finland with nearby 140000 inhabitants, Oulu is an important industrial and technological center.
The natural and educational inclination of Finish and Scandinavian Doctors for early interceptive treatment of maloccusions with young children, has contribute to have Orthoplus and it's EF Line products, to be highly appreciate and welcomed.

Already now, the Dr. Daniel ROLLET lecture in Helsinki, the 28th and 29th coming September, is announced as a large success... and a new step for HAMMASVALINE and Orthoplus in promoting the functional education concept. 



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