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The 28th and 29th September 2012, has taken place the first functional education lecture by Dr. Daniel Rollet in Helsinki, Finland, under the patronage of our local distributor, Hammasvaline and Orthoplus. I would like to thank in particular Mrs. Eija Haltsonen, representing Hammasvaline, for her high level of implication and professionalism, allowing this course to become a great success.

Near 40 Finish Doctors attended this lecture, and clearly showed their enthusiasm in discovering this global approach in Orthodontics and how to integrate the functional education concept into it, is it for young children or adult patients.

The attendees, already highly sensitive to this soft approach in taking care of young patients, expressed clearly their interest in having us organize future educational sessions.

A first successful step in Finland for Dr. Daniel Rollet, thanks to his expertise and to the logistical and organizational investment of our local distributor along with Orthoplus team. 




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