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The Palatal Expander is a true shape-memory Quad Helix. It is a simple appliance that favorably replaces the Quad Helix in children. Lateral arms allow expansion up to the cuspids; U-shaped elements control the torque of the molars; a "W" made from thermal NiTi controls the molar expansion.



• 1 Lateral stainless-steel arms

• 2 Thermal NiTi part for expansion

• 3 Crimping

• 4 U-shaped metal elements for torque control

• 5 Bayonets to be inserted in lingual sheaths



The Expander is available in 10 sizes from 26 to 44 mm, in 2 mm increments. In order to select the proper size, measure the palatal distance between both first molars and add 3 to 4 mm to get the size you need. Should the intended expansion be superior to 5 mm, you will need two successive Expanders.


Once the model has been selected, place the device in the patient's mouth, cool the thermal part with a freezing spray (or place it in a freezer), the appliance becomes very soft and can easily be inserted in the palatal sheaths of the bands, where it will be ligated. The PE can be adjusted intraorally using a band-pusher and exerting a pressure on the crimps or extraorally with a couple of flat-beaked pliers, to bend the crimps against the palate.



Easy to install, especially when freezing the Expander to make it brass-soft and easy to insert without any force.

Pre-programmed expansion with millimetric precision, without any risk of overcorrection beyond the chosen limit, at the opposite of the Quad Helix that can send a molar out of the arch, in case of deformation or in the absence of follow-up.

Nice molar expansion

Nice mesio-buccal rotation of the molars

Good torque control

Expansion in 3 month.


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