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The goal of this article is the introduction of a new range of lingual appliances for maxillary and mandibular expansion during the interceptive phases of the orthodontic treatment.
These pre-adjusted lingual appliances are used to exert controlled expansion forces, similar to those exerted by the tongue.

• Transforce appliances are designed to eliminate functional problems and to be inserted in horizontal lingual sheaths on molar bands


• A new spring system activates the sagittal and lingual devices to perform a transversal or antero-posterior expansion of both maxillary and the mandibular arches.

Sagital appliance

• This invisible lingual appliance has wide indications for adult treatments and may be used to correct all classes of malocclusion at any stage of development, from mixed dentition to permanent dentition. It is easy to use along with multiband appliance.

4 months wearing Transforce

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