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La GDR 4
 Main splint
 Tongue ramp
 Clearance for a molar tube
 Anterior extension
 Bumper extensions
 Lateral extensions
 Bulge for mandibular protraction


age: 9 years 6 months - This child had an anterior crossbite 11/41 with stress on 41. The GDR4 was trimmed by grinding the bulging part of the tongue ramp, in order to prevent a buccal movement of the lower incisors. After 3 months of night wear, the crossbite was corrected.


age: 12 years

Alignment and posterior repositioning of the maxillary incisors. Six months in GDR4, then multiband appliance.

Elastic ties

age: 12 years

5 months in GDR4 to prepare the installation of a multiband appliance. Alignment and partial correction of the overbite.

CASE # 4

GDR 4 + expansion arch. 12 years child

Class III and crossbite.

Treatment duration: 6 months.

. installation of the expansion arch

. 1 month later: installation of the GDR.



As a conclusion, we can say that the GDR4 efficiently prepares both dental arches for the installation of a multiband appliance.

Lingual retraining

Aligning, leveling

In order to make the GDR4 as comfortable as possible, don't hesitate to trim the appliance, especially in the frenum and palatal tag regions. Its adjustable design allows a customization for any morphology.

In the early stage of treatment, in addition to nocturnal wear, it is advisable to wear the GDR4 for two hours during day time.

This allows a better adaptation and a better retention of the appliance at night (reflexes).

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